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  • Hello everybody and welcome to my blog following my time spent working at Shower the People, a non-profit organization in Nashville, Tennessee! Shower the People provides mobile shower services to homeless groups in Nashville to keep them clean, safe, and to assist individuals in supporting themselves once more. This organization prides itself in the homeless outreach they offer as they supply first aid, self-care and toiletry items, and food all in an effort to supply homeless with necessities they otherwise are not able to obtain. As for my own self, I have been a student at Franklin Road Academy for 6 years now and have been involved in various commitments during my time there including Student Council, Wrestling, Band, and Robotics. Outside of student life, I am active in my local Boy Scout Troop pursuing my Eagle Scout rank and I additionally compete in CrossFit as a teenager. I have chosen to participate in the Turner Fellowship program in order to gain an alternative perspective to life in my community, especially with people whom experience less fortunate circumstances than mine. Whether the effects of my time as an intern at Shower the People positively influence one person or one-hundred, I am still content with what good I can bring to other people’s lives. I am very grateful to my school and to the Cal Turner foundation for sponsoring my work throughout this summer and to you all for following along!

Week One

Hey guys! I just wrapped up my first full week at Shower the People and here’s my experience: To start, I’d like to comment on what an eye-opening experience this is not only in non-profit work experience, but also one with ground-work in homeless camps and the areas of Nashville with the greatest necessities to help. Shower the people is working to help these folks help themselves out by providing hygienic supplies, showers, clothes, and more so that the many individuals we help can get back on their feet. I have now worked 2 shower services at Green Street Church of Christ setting the bus up, handing out supplies, and more importantly – interacting with members of my community with an entirely different perspective than mine. I am incredibly grateful toward other members of Shower the People for showing me the ropes of the work we do together. To recap the week, the most interesting part of the week was participating in outreach to a local homeless camp in south-east Nashville and experiencing firsthand where these folks are situated. Even after my first week, I have practiced humility when seeing what immense struggles the homeless encounter daily and my enduring gratitude for the fortunate position I have been gifted with friends, family, and resources amongst other things these people struggle with. I look forward to the weeks ahead and updating you all on my summer work here!

Week Two

Hello again! As of right now I have concluded my second full week of working for Shower the People and there is no doubt that my work experience is improving day by day. I am steadily learning how to setup the bus at shower services just as it needs to be with hygiene supplies, tables, and getting all our guests ready with their kits. Since the Shower the People crew went to the Bonnaroo music festival to raise awareness of our cause last week, I got some valuable, independent work time back at the office. It was an enjoyable break from long days involving shower services, but in that time there was still my responsibility to make sure our team was able to hit the ground running back on the following Monday. As a little visual of their work during that time, there are attached photos of some new tie-dye washcloths the team made. some news is that I have now visited all three locations we provide services to: Green Street Church of Christ, Belmont Church, and the South Nashville Nolensville Pike area. I feel the work I do is not only needed in this community but it also gives me joy to see folks week to week working on themselves. I look forward for lies ahead and what I’ll get into this week!

Weeks 3 & 4

Hi guys! This post will be covering weeks 3 and 4 of my experience at Shower the People. Across these 2 weeks we have had many volunteers help us out at shower services which are super thankful for! Although week 3 was a very typical work week for us, week 4 included many volunteers for us to serve with and get to be familiar with. Natalie Scruggs, an FRA faculty member and newly appointed head of the Turner Fellowship program at FRA volunteered at our Thursday service this past week in which she got a glimpse of how this organization operates face-to-face with the homeless population in Nashville that we serve. Natalie was a big help to us and certainly made our time more enjoyable while serving – so a big thank you goes out to her. In addition to Natalie, we also were pleased to have some volunteers from Texas both Wednesday and Thursday of this last week as part of a church group. On Wednesday they assisted with providing meals for our shower guests and on Thursday with cleaning our showers between each guest. We are beyond thankful for their help and we welcome all who choose to serve with us (below I have a picture of Natalie and one of our volunteers from Texas). In the time we have not been at shower service during these weeks, Shower the People is getting ready to move to a new office space which means that we are packing up many of our clothing donations little by little. A big part of my job has been to sort donations and organize them so that when the move does happen we will be as ready as possible. I look forward to these last few weeks of work and the services we will be providing to folks around Nashville! I am also excited to keep you all updated!

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